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Sunday, December 03, 2006

back from richmond

My show at Red Door Gallery in Richmond VA opened Friday night. It was a balmy 72 degrees on the first day of December. A few exhibition views are above.

J.T. Kirkland's new work occupied the other side of the gallery. Photography doesn't do justice to the color of the woods he uses.

A few snaps taken by Bren Landon, J.T.'s girlfriend. J.T. and I sport the team uniform. I talk with gallery owner Jerry Shapiro.

I made a cyber-connection with artist Martin Bromirski, creator of the weblog Anaba. Martin generously gave me a place to stay and showed me around. Above...Martin's studio/kitchen with Jerry Saltz, and a view of his "palette."

Martin makes various types of projects in addition to his painting. Here's a view of "Art Basel : Stuffy's," an exhibition Martin curated in a sandwich shop. We visited a bunch of other art destinations, too, including this terrific show of work by Jared Sprecher at ADA Gallery.

After my opening, there was still a party winding down over at Gallery 5, complete with people out on the street swinging fiery torches attached to chains.


NICE! thanks for taking those pictures!

By Anonymous martin, at 12/03/2006  

red door has a nice space...the baseboard heaters are slightly distracting though. Welcome back to the chill!

By Blogger GIERSCHICK, at 12/04/2006  

yes, those baseboard registers are distracting, aren't they?

By Blogger Douglas Witmer, at 12/04/2006  

right next time someone should make some long narrow white paintings to fix them registers up. That should do it. all looks good and congrats Douglas. Kirkland's wood looks interesting too! Been silently watching his things develop, and they are--slowly, knowing when to follow the grain and when to make use another way. Noticed you showed the elevator.
Keep well.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/04/2006  

btw, I thought your Gallery Siano pieces were going to show up in Richmond...did you decide against this...or sell some paintings at Siano?

By Blogger GIERSCHICK, at 12/07/2006  

Gallery Siano didn't sell anything.

Because the two shows were back-to-back, I didn't want to commit to sending any of the new work from Siano, in the event that something would sell. There are two 2006 pieces that I gave to Gallery Siano that are in the Red Door show. An untitled brown painting (ultimately not shown at Siano) and the piece "Garden Spot" which isn't shown in the installation photos. There are two movable walls not pictured that divided the space and had "Garden Spot" and a few small drawings from 2004.

As it turned out, this show at Red Door spanned the years 2002-2006. In a way that was kind of nice to see all together. The installation was definitely a work of compromise...anyone who wants more info on that should e-mail J.T. Kirkland and ask for his observations about how my installation process went, as he was privy to the whole thing. I took another large untitled painting from 2006 that was not shown at Siano. It is a sort of white/white affair that I really would have rather shown in place of the "Mockingbird" painting pictured at left in the first installation view here. It would have made the paintings on the long wall appear much more as a suite. And the whole thing would have been so much more quiet and subtle. (That's a Mockingbird for you!) Two things prevented this: 1--Mockingbird was used as the invitation image and it was clear it needed to be front-n-center in the show. 2--I think this white/white painting was bit subtle for the gallery owner's taste. Also taken to Red Door but not shown were the paintings "Manitou" (search my weblog and you'll find it), "Little Green" (an easily-missed small painting..but one of the better ones of 2006 I think...shown at Siano...also here somewhere) and "Small Marquee" (also here on the weblog somewhere).

I'll post some of the other installation views that give a better look at the pieces individually.

By Blogger Douglas Witmer, at 12/07/2006  

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